Recipe: Delicious Pudding d'hiver comfy / healthy

Pudding d'hiver comfy / healthy. These classic puddings are the ultimate in winter comfort food. Whether served home-style from a family tray, upended ramekins or cut into wedges, these simple desserts are guaranteed to warm the heart and the cockles. Fresh, fluffy and fruity, or rich, gooey and chocolatey – you choose!

Pudding d'hiver comfy / healthy Snuggle up in front of a fireplace or heater with a bowl of warm. Using the same star ingredient—bananas—to whip up a creamy pudding. Our slow-cooked healthy warm winter dessert calls for whole wheat cinnamon-swirl bread, honey, and a bag of green tea in addition to the potassium-rich fruit. You can cook Pudding d'hiver comfy / healthy using 5 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Pudding d'hiver comfy / healthy

  1. It’s 3 of Cac purée de noisettes (100%).
  2. Prepare of Autant de pruneaux découpés en lamelles.
  3. It’s 1,5 of cas de poudre de cacao.
  4. You need 1/2 of verre de lait de soja au chocolat (ou + selon le pain).
  5. Prepare 4 of tranches de pain à la mie "ferme" (type machine a pain).

There's nothing better than this comforting bread pudding recipe on a cold, wintry day. The bourbon sauce makes the dessert taste special, but it's so easy to prepare—the slow cooker does most of the work! —Hope Johnson, Youngwood, Pennsylvania. Cool, smooth and creamy, this pretty pie is a slice of heaven for people with diabetes and anyone who likes an easy yet impressive dessert. The calories in the dry mix vary depending on the type of milk you add –.

Pudding d'hiver comfy / healthy instructions

  1. Dans un bol mélanger la purée de noisettes, les pruneaux et le cacao jusqu'à avoir un mélange uniforme.
  2. Dans une poêle à feu doux mettre ce mélange, le lait de soja et la mie du pain émiettée. vous pouvez utiliser un vieux pain un peu séché.
  3. Remuer doucement jusqu'à ce que le pain soit bien imbibé et que le chocolat et les pruneaux soient mélangés uniformément. Ça forme une pâte épaisse.
  4. A déguster bien chaud !.

Kids will love these quick and easy pudding recipes, whether they're rounding off dinner with a fruity crumble, making healthier popcorn for film night or pestering you for a scoop of ice cream. Amazingly chocolatey This recipe is amazing. I used soy milk & organic coconut sugar. Do not leave out the egg it makes it richer. Use a high quality vanilla extract..